tisdag 2 juli 2013

Europe tour etc.

I'll take this in english just for the fuck of it.

We will go on tour soon, not very long tour, but a fun one. This is the dates and cities:

27/7 – Malmö, Sweden
28/7 – Halle, Germany
30/7 – Leipzig, Germany (not 100%)
31/7 – Prague, Czech republic
2/8 – Zürich, Switzerland
3/8 – Berlin, Germany

YEAH! but we haven't heard from Leipzig in a while, so if anyone down there want to book us 30/7, contact svartefogden@hotmail.com .

++++ IMPORTANT = we need a car too, give us one

Öhhh, yeah, soon there will be new t-shirts, patches and even pins! stay alert!

Finally, this is the places where Blindead has spread his seed = "käftarna maler7" can be found here:

Beach Impediment, USA
Bombs Away, Norway
Bong, Holland
De:Nihil Records, Sweden
Discos Enfermos, Spain
Distroy Records, Ireland
Expedite Death, USA
Fight Back, Sweden
... Havoc, USA
I Feel Good, France
Imminent Destruction, UK
Insane Society, Czech Rep
Kenrock, Sweden
Mata La Musica, USA
Not Enough Records, Sweden
Phobia Records, Czech Rep
Power it Up, Germany
Punkdistro, Germany
Rawmantic Disasters, Germany
Recordshop BASE, Japan
Reset Not Equal Zero, Japan
Rinderhertz, Switzerland
Rundgång, Sweden
Shogun, France
Soap and Spikes, USA
Terrötten, Brazil
Turist i Tillvaron, Sweden
Velted Regnub, USA

Laterz/ Botjittta

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